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Ventilated facades

Brick facades MOEDING ALPHATON - length up to 1,500 mm
LONGOTON - length up to 3,000 mm
The facade panels are made of bricks (= fair-faced brickwork) in the crosswise format consisting of a front slab and a rear slab connected together with ribs (between the longitudinal openings).
Steel facades – CORTEN Corten steel sheet metal is an interesting novelty in the field of cladding materials. It is very variable and attractive for its untraditional look. This material is 100% recyclable. Stone facades For more demanding customers, there is natural or artificial stone cladding – Technistone. The most frequent natural option is granite cladding, mainly for its good physical properties (strength) and vari-coloured structure. Ceramic facades The facade boards are made of sintered ceramic blocks with a wide colour spectrum. The surface of these slabs may be polished, semi-glossy, matt or anti-slip. The thickness of the sintered ceramic depends on the size of the slab, within the range from 7 to 12 mm. It may be assembled using visible or concealed joints. GFRC boards GFRC Glass fiber-reinforced concrete is a composite material based on concrete reinforced with glass alkali-resistant fibres. Thanks to this combination, exceptional engineering properties are achieved, e.g.: hardness, strength, durability, plasticity, fire resistance - Class A1, and others. Large-scale facades Large-scale cladding boards include (according to the material used) fibre cement boards (Cembrit, Cembonit, Eternit, Etercolor), high-pressure laminates (Trespa, Fundermax, Kronospan) and glass cement boards (GFRC, Rieder and more). These boards are joined using visible joints but concealed joints are also possible.